Your Loved One Never Leaves Our Care

Cremations at Elmwood Chapel are performed at our private on-site location and overseen by a Certified Crematory Operator. Even though all funeral homes advertise cremation services, most people are surprised to learn that the cremation process itself is subcontracted out to third parties in unknown distant locations. We think it is important that you know the difference between cremation and on-site cremation.

Highest Possible Standards

Elmwood Chapel and On-site Crematory is operated by carefully trained and licensed staff. We strictly adhere to a Cremation Code of Ethics and are members of the ICCFA and NFDA which provides advanced staff training and certification. The state-of-the-art equipment is maintained at the highest possible standards and is environmentally safe.

Viewing Cremation

Although not a common request here at Elmwood, we offer families the opportunity to view the initial stages of the cremation process. If you’re loved one is entrusted in our care, just knowing that option brings families comfort.

Knowing your cremation service options

Many families believe that when their loved one says they want to be cremated that that is the only option. The staff at Elmwood are here to help explain to you all of our affordable package options from the simple cremation to a full service wake and funeral with the body present ending in cremation. Please feel free to contact us day or night with any questions you may have.