Elmwood offers a Family Follow-Up Specialist who meet with families about two (2) weeks after a funeral service to provide assistance. It is during this transitional period that a family’s support network moves back into their “normal” routine and family members are left to deal with the intensity of the grief process. The road to recovery and the timetable for grief is different for each person. Caring for yourself after a loss is important and not selfish.

Sheila Jeffers meets with families served by Elmwood’s St. John Chapel.

Sheila provides information to families that includes pamphlets on loss, grief materials designed to assist children, adolescents and adults and a listing of support groups. There are also area professionals that can provide counselling assistance if needed.

Elmwood Chapel maintains a comprehensive bereavement resource library that is provided free for our community’s use. This Transition Library includes books, workbooks and videos to assist families with their unique grief experience. Transition Libraries are located at both the Chicago and St. John Chapels.

Elmwood Chapel also meets with designated resources (principals, guidance counsellors, social workers) within the school system to share information on the Transition Library and grief materials that Elmwood Chapel has available. We can speak to grief support groups and provide pertinent information and resources.

For further information or to have someone contact you regarding family follow-up and or aftercare please contact us.